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The Pandemic has brought changes to our Healing Touch Practice.
Our office space is now closed due to these unusual times.We are now offering to our existing and new clients:

Distance Healing Sessions

​     How does distance healing work?
The work of Healing Touch is based on intention-an outcome intention that is agreed upon by the client and the practitioner.
  It is not essential that the person who is being treated be in the same room or space. 
You will receive the same benefits as a hands on healing session while you are at a remote/distance location in your own home or space.

Compassionate, healing energy is sent from the practitioner to the client in the session.

 Your practitioner will have a conversation with you to set up the session intention, have you get in a relaxed position for the duration of the session and a conversation at the end of the session.

Sessions are by Appointment-see our contact numbers above.

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is offering 
Hands on Healing Sessions in her home to her current clients. Contact her for more information